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Live Shopping Traffic Sources Tracking

When the Live Shopping promotion done right, it can effectively increase your conversion rate. Identify the winning campaign channel is the key to drive high-quality traffic to your Live Shopping event.

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7 Step: Live Shopping Event Testing Guide

Running a test for your Live Shopping event is essential. We detailed all items you can ensure will go smoothly before the event. The Benefits of running a test before the Live Shopping event.

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94 Ways To Repurpose Your Live Shopping Recording

Live Shopping is a powerful medium to connect you with your customer. And the video recording creates values beyond the actual event time. Learn how to repurpose your Live Shopping recording with Stephanie to distribute it across your marketing properties.

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Live Shopping Event Promotion Guide

Traffic Boosting Must-Haves After event creation leverage your website organic traffic Re-engage your community with the email blast Create the social media buzz D-day Instant notification

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Enhanced Analytic

Live Shopping Analytics for Beginner

This checkpoint of the series covers the essentials skills to get you started in understanding the definitions of data, reading the event analytics report, implementing custom tracking to your

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