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Going LIVE on Smartphone Using Larix Broadcaster

Mastering Larix Broadcaster is a key part of launching your first live event.

Created by Softvelum, Larix Broadcaster is a free livestreaming app available on the App Store, the Play Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Its streamlined interface and ease of use makes it a perfect candidate for your live event.

To begin, download Larix Broadcaster from your select store using one of the links below:

Once downloaded on your device, simply follow the next 10 steps to set Larix Broadcaster with Livescale and start your first live!

1. Launch Larix Broadcaster from the homescreen.


2. Navigate to the setting panel

Click on the gear icon to access the app settings.


3. Navigate to Connections


4. Add a new connection by tapping the “+” icon in the top-right corner of your screen


5. Fill up the first two text field with the information provided by the Livescale Dashboard

  1. The name of your source can be anything, we opted for Livescale.
  2. The RTMP address is provided by the Livescale Dashboard once the video engine is launched.

6. Save your connection and navigate back to the settings panel


7. Click on “Capture and Encoding” to setup the audio and video specifications

  1. Make sure “Microphone” and “Camera” access are toggled on
  2. Toggle “Record Stream” on, if you want to keep a local copy of your livestream


8. Setup the video specifications by clicking on “Video”

  1. We recommend 1280×720 with a framerate of 30fps and a bitrate of 4000kbps
  2. You may adjust the settings to your liking but beware of the limitation of your own network when choosing a higher resolution or bitrate.


9. Setup the audio specifications by clicking on “Audio”

  1. We recommend leaving everything to “Auto” unless you know what you’re doing.
  2. Setting the channel count to “Mono” ensures that the sound always comes from the same place rather than from the sides.


10. Navigate back to Larix Broadcaster and launch your live by pressing the recording button!

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