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Live Shopping 101: Platform Walkthrough for Your Viewers

Live Shopping is refreshing and exciting. Prepare your viewers before you start the actual content!

According to the surveys, more than 50% of the viewers will not even try to shop during the live. This is because they are afraid of browsing and buying the products will take them out of the event! At the end of the day, a Live Shopping experience as seamless as Livescale is a rare gem! 🤷‍♀️

The video Below is one of the good examples from one of our customers Paul Guess Live

Who is Paul Guess Live?

“There would not be this series of events and studio if it wasn’t for the magic we feel on Live Shopping with your team.”

Brad Harvey, A Livescale Certified partner & the strategist of Paul Guess Live

Brad and Paul, two humble Christmas decoration brand partners took a leap of faith to sell their product over their homepage TV shopping channel. During the Christmas season in 2020, they were able to make 5 digits sales, event after event.

Today, in 2021 they are going live twice a week with their newly built $250k studio. 14 episodes are planned for this season and counting. 


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