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Live Shopping Event Promotion: Social Media Checklist

Social media are the most effective traffic lifting channels. 54% of social growers use social media to research products and 98% of marketer say Instagram is the most influential platform for influencer marketing, which is 44% higher than Facebook (Sprout Social)

Live Shopping is essentially the extension of your brand as well as your host’s personality. Amplify this fact with your brand’s social media properties can greatly increase the eyeballs of your Live Shopping event. In this article, you will read an extensive checklist that leads to a full house event.


  1. Countdown / “Remind me” in stories
    Encourage users to set a reminder with the Instagram built-in count down, it will send a notification to their personal Instagram account when the time’s up!
  2. Interactive stories
    Create a Q&A post and let your followers leave the questions for you to answer during the event. Let them know what questions are chosen!!
  3. Swipe-up stories
    This is currently one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website from Instagram. Post a swipe-up story after other promo stories as a CTA.
  4. In-Feed post
    Your most engaging fans will see! Organise a giveaway, ask them to tag their friends to enter the completion and tune in to win their prize!- Incentive!
  5. Live reminder + Instant notifications!
    Go live on Instagram right at the beginning of the Live Shopping event from the host and brand’s account! This will trigger a notification to the followers.
  6. Dual Live
    Go live on Instagram at the same time! It allows followers to have a sneak peek of part of the experience, gain their attention then ask them to click on link in bio to enjoy the full experience in real-time!
  7. Cross accounts stories thread
    Build up the hype by leveraging your influencers network! Ask your beloved partnered influencers to share stories about the event, tag your brand account and re-share them!
TIP: You can easily transform a Q&A thread and answer clips from the event to do another wave of stories posting after the show! Don't forget to create a highlight collection out of it too.


  1. Facebook Event
    This can highlight the Live Shopping event to your fans and gives you a space to organise a Q&A with the engaging community. You can also easily project the size of viewers for the event.
  2. Facebook Group Discussion
    Group is currently the most engaging medium within facebook’s properties. Make sure you let your group member know about this fun upcoming event!
  3. Facebook Link Post
    The classic always work! Make a post directly with the event link or the landing page you build for the Live Shopping initiative. Send them straight to it.
  4. Pinned Post
    Now that you created a post following the last tip, pin it to the top of your page!
  5. Facebook Stories
    if you followed this guide well, you already have asset made for Instagram stories. Repurpose it and post it on Facebook stories too. it’s an effortless way to gain more exposure and awareness for the event.
  6. Facebook Watch Party
    It’s an underrated Facebook feature that allows you to share screen and watch something with your community at the same time!
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