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Live Shopping Event Promotion Guide

Traffic Boosting Must-Haves

After event creation

  • leverage your website organic traffic
  • Re-engage your community with the email blast
  • Create the social media buzz


  • Instant notification

After Event Creation

Website Tips

Creating a space for your Live Shopping events on your website will help convert organic traffic and educate your shoppers.

Add a homepage banner and create a Live Shopping event landing page with:

✔️ Interactive calendar for upcoming events
✔️ Email sign-up (RSVP! 🤩)
✔️ A brand owned “YouTube” channel to re-purpose past content – remember: you can download your recordings! 🤯 

TIP: On your website’s Live Shopping page, add an “idea box” for shoppers to leave questions they want answered during your next event! Not only will this broaden your subscriber base, you’ll address consumer purchase barriers.

Email Blast

Re-engage your past customers and current community. Inform your community about the latest live shopping event! Email marketing is essential! You can leverage the sense of exclusivity by only inviting your most engaged shoppers, make them feel like a VIP as they are one!

And, just like any other marketing events, we would suggest you ramp up your email cadence as it gets closer to the event. Don’t forget to include the teaser on who’s the host of the event, what can users expect and the good deals!

Social Media Buzz

Organic Post

Create the buzz around your event on social media. Another organic way to inform your current community is to make it loud on social media. To share teasers is a must but also, do not forget to educate your community about “what live shopping” and how they shop all these deals while watching the show! 

Paid Media

Live Shopping event is a good way to capture new users, which can be done through paid media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest. Your choice of platforms depends on who are your audiences and where you can find them. The easiest way to find people that are most likely interested in your event or your product is through interest-based audiences and lookalike audiences. For examples, lookalike audiences enable you to serve your ads to users who share similar characteristics to your current customers or your social media audience. 

PR & Partnerships

Make the most of your community; leverage the power of your loyal fan base, influencers, ambassadors and retailers to pass on the word. Whether that be asking in-store partners to create word-of-month buzz, posting a QR code on a billboard, be creative! Don’t miss out the opoortunity to create strong partnerships and positioning your brand as an innovator in social and media.

The D-Day

Instant Notifications

Implement the following to meet your audience where they are.

✔️ Countdown / “remind me” in stories
✔️ Swipe-up stories
✔️ In-Feed post giveaway (@tag a friend to enter, tune in to win your prize!) 

TIP: Ask your host and your social media manager to do a quick Instagram Live right before you start your Live Shopping event; this will trigger a notification to all account followers and can increase viewership by up to 25%.

Make sure you send out both a newsletter and an SMS blast to your database at the exact start time of your Live Shopping event. Capitalize of the FOMO nature of a live deal – especially these days, your audience needs instant reminders!

Take Away

  • Re-engage your customers and community
  • Create buzz around your event on social media
  • On D-day, make sure all pillars of instant reminders are activated
  • Use your website to convert organic traffic
  • Utilize your network of journalists, partners, retailers to help promote

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