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Fight the FOGL (Fear of Going Live!) | Ask the Experts

By now, you’ve likely heard about the power of Live Shopping, and perhaps even shared a post or two of those early adopter brands on LinkedIn, touting its merits to your network. But…there’s one thing standing in the way between you and that “Go Live” button…fear. Live Shopping may seem intimidating to the uninitiated business. These common hesitations may lead to the dreaded FOGL (Fear of Going Live).

The FOGL can be divided into two part: Technical and strategy level. If you are reading this today, you’re apparently ready and have what it takes to learn the unknown and transform into the trendsetter in Live streaming and Live Shopping world. Ultimately, to make it part of your brand’s sales engine.  

In this webinar and article, we will be tackling the 3 fears in Live Shopping in simple words. Don’t forget to download all the tips and checklist.

  1. Fear of not technical-ready
  2. Fear of “What if something goes wrong?”
  3. Fear of under-performing event

Marco Novo – A marketing and innovation consultant with incredible expertise in the world of live-streaming shared the Top-3 fears brands have because they’ve mistaken their stage in Live Streaming for selling. 

Fear of not technical-ready

“Our brand doesn’t have a live production team” is perhaps the biggest fear in businesses considering Live Shopping. When it comes to your pilot series, a huge scale of production likely is not necessary. The common misunderstanding in the world of live streaming is – we need a production level to start. Do we?

When it comes to pilot series, Marco shared a simple list below as an ideal starting kit to equip for your first testing events. 

  1. smartphone
  2. Easily accessible tripod
  3. The built-in microphone in the phone

Almost all of the Live Shopping early adopters brands are using simply a smartphone starting the first series in their bedrooms. For the fancy ones, you can get an extra ring light. On top of that practice is the most important of all, which leads us to the next fear.

Fear of “What if something goes wrong”

“There are many things you can control. The rest? No.” Marco split that even with 5+ years of experience in the Live Streaming field. The obvious question: What is the list of things you have under your control?  – Everything technical. The good thing about live streaming technology is, you can be prepared. It’s critical to encounter the unexpected and build the control memories before the real events. Tests, rehearsals or dry runs are strongly recommended by Marco. You can use the checklist before your Live Shopping show:

Consider the option of getting an experienced partner. There are enough things for brands to focus on when creating a pilot series. Working with a live producer can fill the knowledge gaps and free time for the most important step of all – our next fear. 

Fear of under-performing event

Anyone who tells you Live Shopping is for everyone, that’s a lie. Hence to determine if Live Shopping suits your brand, coming up with your own KPI is often overlooked or underrated. There are many reasons why your Live Shopping show objectives are not reached. It can be caused by a mismatched content, a wrong combination of host, a not refined product selection or yes, simply the technology isn’t for your community.

Community feedback is the most powerful tool. Develop a method to collect feedback on your event concept, format and host type. Then, use that feedback to iterate on your Live Shopping show until your brand finds the right formula or conclusion.

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