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Thinking Out Live

Thinking Out Live

Live Shopping Free webinar series – You’ll get all the best practices to craft your Live Shopping events and reach all your marketing objectives better!

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By Lucas Helaouet
Head of Marketing & Product at Spitche

How to Activate, Identify and Leverage Your Brand's Community

Communities are a highly-valued yet under-used asset for brands. Often confused with audiences, the community can be the brand’s best ally when engaged and shown appreciation. But how do we engage and identify the different members of a brand’s community? How can we leverage their actions as a powerful marketing, acquisition, and ultimately sales tool? 

 17th June 10 am EST.

By Mike Allton
Author, Blogging Brute

How to Leverage Your Live Shopping Recording to Rank Higher in SEO

If you aren’t yet turning your live shopping videos and events into other forms of content that your target audience can find and springboard into making a purchase from you, you’re wasting opportunities to make sales! In this engaging session, you’ll learn from one of the most prolific content creators how to repurpose your live shopping video into dozens and dozens of pieces of content. You’ll takeaway:

  1. A clear understanding of how repurposing can benefit your business and bottom line,
  2. A List of ways and tactics to repurpose your video, including blog posts, social posts, even a podcast,
  3. A slew of great tools to help you accomplish all of the above!

 6th May 1 pm EST.

By Stephanie Liu
A Live video strategist for brands and entrepreneurs – from moonwalkers to MasterChefs.

94 Ways To Repurpose Your Live Shopping Recording

Live Shopping is a powerful medium to connect you with your customer. And the video recording creates values beyond the actual event time. Learn how to repurpose your Live Shopping recording with Stephanie to distribute it across your marketing properties.

By Marisa Cali
Founder and Chief Mindset Motivator

10 Things You Should Not Miss on Your Live Shopping Event Rundown

Does the thought of going live and looking frazzled leave you panicked? Maybe you’re worried about what you need to do to set up your live shopping event? Don’t worry – you are not alone. Many business owners go through it. We’ll cover the 10 things you should not miss on your Live Shopping event preparation.

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