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The Making of KOS | Vol.6

LiveFeed – Your little black book of Live Shopping 🙋‍♀️


Live Shopping isn’t new: for years, it’s been an e-Commerce mainstay in Eastern countries, mainly China. Here’s what’s hot off the presses there, and as decoded by Livescale’s own experts, what it means for you.

The Headline
Meet Viya, the woman who made $6b in sales last year, surpassing Carrefour’s annual sales in China

The Details

Viya, the queen of Live Shopping in China, once brought over $10 million in sales to a virtually unheard-of fashion store.

But before that, she was a struggling business owner, having hit rock with her own fashion business as recently as 2014. Instead of giving up on e-Commerce, Viya became an early adopter of Live Shopping.

By sharing products that she liked, consumers began to trust her, and she made an early promise to only recommend items that she uses, appreciates and would purchase herself.

In 4 years, Viya grew to make $6b in sales last year, which is the same amount as Carrefour’s annual sales in China. 

The Takeaway

✏️Best performing Live Shopping hosts are more of a KOS (Key Opinion Seller) rather than a KOL

✏️ In Live Shopping the power of creating purchase intent is more important than popularity

✏️ Hard-core loyal Live Shopping buyers follow KOS, not the brands that hire them

✏️ KOSs are born for sales, and all followers are ready-to-pay viewers

✏️ Viewers want authentic, transparent Key Opinion Sellers, not purely sponsored opinion leaders. (Spoiler alert: They know the difference, too!) .

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💡Why Livestream Video May Be the Future of Luxury Shopping

With in-person shopping increasingly difficult, the luxury sector is pivoting to video.

“All of the brands we’ve engaged about Moda Live have been very receptive to the concept––they see this as an opportunity to communicate directly with their customers in a way they never have before,” a senior Moda representative said.

💡Live Commerce: For KOLs, Influencing meets infomercials

Live commerce, alternatively known as livestream shopping, is the love child of traditional infomercials and modern-day influencer marketing. Viewers tune in and enjoy the real-time interaction of a livestream hosted by a trusted influencer.

Last year, Kim Kardashian made a guest appearance on Huang’s livestream to promote her signature perfume line, selling out her 15,000-bottle inventory within 15 minutes. 

💡Live Shopping: The next retail revolution

Live shopping is an online sales technique that allows users of social networks and platforms to directly buy products presented by a seller in a video broadcast in streaming. It is an instant and impulsive mode of purchase which relies on entertainment and virality to accelerate the engagement of consumers towards e-Commerce platforms.

💡QVC and HSN are leaning into live streaming

QVC and HSN are leaning into live streaming, which now makes up 60% of their US sales. A top exec walks us through how home-shopping has reinvented itself.

Weekly, bite-sized Live Shopping News

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