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The Revolution Pandemic Accelerated | Vol.1

LiveFeed – Your little black book of Live Shopping. 🙋

💡Video platform TikTok holds its own fashion month
TikTok looks to cement its place as a fashion destination, with a month-long schedule of online runway shows, styling tips and even an after-party. The takeaway: Regular entertainment is becoming more and more vital to gather the community.

💡Stripe built Checkout so you don’t have to
Stripe Checkout is a prebuilt, fully hosted payment page optimized for conversion. Whether you offer one-time purchases or subscriptions, use Checkout to easily and securely accept payments online.

💡Legacy brand Lancôme turns to Live Shopping to connect with broader consumer base
With a return on investment of 161%, hosting Live Shopping shows enabled Lancôme Canada to connect with over 1500 new customers to date and earn 10x the engagement vs. other Live platforms.

💡Is This The End Of Canadian Fashion?
It’s always taken perseverance, creativity, and a whole lot of grit to make it as a designer. In 2020, that may not be enough. Plus, Canadians are finally shopping again. Clothing sales were up 142% in June, reaching pre-pandemic levels. Time will tell if we’re filling our carts with Canadian labels and retailers.

💡How pandemic makes KOL an even more approachable role for everyone
In China, pandemic speeded up the evolution of Live Streaming and Live Shopping. In the time of craving for entertainment and ways to connect, a mayor himself became a host sell the farm products on behalf of the city.

💡Pandemic is accelerating the revolution in shopping behaviours and e-Commerce sales strategy
The pandemic is changing shopping behaviours and building new habits. Changes accelerated the key revolution in e-Commerce sales and marketing strategies. Influence range is no longer the measuring unit of KOL quality but soft selling skills.

💡Lancôme’s Virtual Pop-Up To Reinvent The Future Of Beauty Retail Post-COVID
The future of beauty retail will be shaped to supplement the consumer’s shopping journey in the comfort of their own homes. Here, Lancôme debuts its first-ever virtual pop-up in Singapore, blending together education, virtual consultations, and contactless samples.

💡Livestreaming is here to stay in South-east Asia and Latin America
One key trend that Sarah Wan, SEA Marketing Director, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore for Klook, has seen is that “live streaming is no longer a North Asian (or Chinese) phenomenon, and it is here to stay.”

“It’s a race for brands to capture eyeballs on this new platform, and we will see more investing in improving production value and interactivity of live streams – with some even going to the extent of building their own in-App capabilities for more direct traffic instead of relying on third-party platforms like Facebook.”

💡The Three Keys To Making Sense Of The Livestream Revolution
The three keys to understanding the media revolution represented by livestreaming. A fresh look at the tentpoles of content, access and distribution.

With livestreaming, the distribution equation is radically different from what we’ve seen before. Anyone with an internet-enabled device and reasonable access to bandwidth has a seat in the global audience, which is essentially infinite.

💡From 4G to 5G – making the new mediums and tools for e-Commerce business a norm
As seen in Asia through the normalization of high-speed internet and live video consumption, the shift from 4G to 5G will change customers’ behaviours toward building new content consumption and shopping habits. Live video is the fastest-growing among all categories, as it rides on the new visual trend, aka video and culture trend, aka authenticity.

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