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Is Live Shopping for high-end brands? | Vol.11

LiveFeed – Your little black book of Live Shopping 🙋‍♀️


Live Shopping isn’t new: for years, it’s been an e-Commerce mainstay in Eastern countries, mainly China. Here’s what’s hot off the presses there, and as decoded by Livescale’s own experts, what it means for you.

The Headline
Is Live Shopping for high-end brands?

The Details

There are lots of preception around Live Shopping – “Live Shopping is an impulsive marketing tool.” or “Live Shopping isn’t for North America, Europe or anywhere outside of Asia.” In this pandemic, high-price point and luxury brands are also affected. Brands like LVMH, Gucci and ICICLE are all joining the Live Shopping game as retail stores and foot traffic are no longer an option. Though, of course, it doesn’t mean these solutions are working.

The Takeaway

✏️  Different brands will require unique content strategies for their Live Shopping events

✏️  The balance between authenticity and high-end editorialization is key

✏️  Becareful not to replicate a formula that works for lower price points, for example: flash sales/ discount

✏️  Utilise Live Shopping to establish closer customer relationships by gathering small groups of hosts and guests

✏️  Remember: Sales is not the content, sales are the result.

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💡 Amazon Live Video shows us the future of e-Commerce

“During this year’s Prime Day event, I was glued to my computer screen. Not because I was hunting for deals, but because I was watching Amazon Live – the retail giant’s QVC-style video shopping platform.”

💡 As big tech goes all in on live-stream shopping, the future may be brighter for small brands

If Facebook and Amazon have their way, every business will soon set up a live-stream shop. But in recent months, major tech companies have experimented with their own live-stream shopping features. In August, Instagram rolled out Live Shopping, which looks like an old-school Instagram livestream with an added click-to-buy feature. And this month, Facebook has been tapping major brands to test streaming on its new Facebook Shops tab.

At the same time, e-Commerce giants are jumping in: Amazon has been trying to draw more influencers to Amazon Live, hoping to make its little-noticed live-shopping platform a bigger part of the buying experience. And in April, Shopify started to integrate live videos into its e-Commerce stores.

💡 The holiday season will be prime time for video shopping

An alternative to both Black Friday discounts and static e-Commerce grids, video commerce could face a big boost this month.

Weekly, bite-sized Live Shopping News

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