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China’s foreign talents Live Shopping army | Vol.12

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Live Shopping isn’t new: for years, it’s been an e-Commerce mainstay in Eastern countries, mainly China. Here’s what’s hot off the presses there, and as decoded by Livescale’s own experts, what it means for you.

The Headline
China is building its foreign talents Live Shopping army

The Details

Businesses in China are hiring foreign talent to showcase their products to a worldwide audience. Just like how they turned sales associates to become a KOS(key opinion seller), they train foreign talent to be the Live Shopping starts. With this objective in mind, meet Lopez, one of the growing number of foreign presenters hired by Chinese commercial agencies to help spread the local craze for live-streamed online sales.

Lopez’s role is to present Chinese products, from cycling shorts to vacuum cleaners, to Spanish speakers all over the world. Why Spain? Why not, says China. This is part of a larger play to be the global leader in Live Shopping expertise.

The Takeaway

✏️ Global Live Shopping leaders are replicating their success for the rest of the world

✏️ The streaming session targeting Spanish speakers attracted audiences of up to 15,000 viewers

✏️ Viewers in one European livestream selling session rise from a few hundred to several thousand in a year

✏️ The storm is coming, and Live Shopping will soon become a must-have in customer’s mind

✏️ “Livestream shopping is a new way to consume. In a few years, it will become the main way for people to choose products,” – Keane Wang, a planning director

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💡 Givenchy Beauty, QVC Turn to Live Shopping

“During this year’s Prime Day event, I was glued to my computer screen. Not because I was hunting for deals, but because I was watching Amazon Live – the retail giant’s QVC-style video shopping platform.”

💡Galeries Lafayette Deploys Remote Shopping in 28 Stores – The Launch of “Exclusive Live Shopping”, a Personalised Live Video Retail Service

If Facebook and Amazon have their way, every business will soon set up a live-stream shop. But in recent months, major tech companies have experimented with their own live-stream shopping features. In August, Instagram rolled out Live Shopping, which looks like an old-school Instagram livestream with an added click-to-buy feature. And this month, Facebook has been tapping major brands to test streaming on its new Facebook Shops tab.

At the same time, e-Commerce giants are jumping in: Amazon has been trying to draw more influencers to Amazon Live, hoping to make its little-noticed live-shopping platform a bigger part of the buying experience. And in April, Shopify started to integrate live videos into its e-Commerce stores.

💡Lights, Camera, Sell: Retailers Want you to Watch and Shop

NEW YORK — When Jenna Powell gets in front of a camera, she can sell $10,000 worth of sparkly dresses and tie-dye hoodies in 40 minutes. Her shops in Alabama were closed at the start of the pandemic, then she put all the focus on selling through live videos, several times a week to 400 people. She puts on clothes from her shop, spins for the camera and tries to get viewers to buy.

Livestream selling, already popular in China, is taking off in the U.S., ushering in a new way for Americans to shop online. Instead of searching for what they want, they pick up their phones, sit back, and click to buy if they like what they see.

This way of shopping is expected to ring up nearly $5 billion in sales this year, and reach $25 billion in 2023, according to retail data firm Coresight Research.

Weekly, bite-sized Live Shopping News

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