Livescale Academy

Stand Out,
Sell Live.

Live Streaming Shopping is all about inspiring & so much more:

🎥  Tell the story of your brand through Live Video
📣  Present your products in the most dynamic way possible
🛍  Let your audience buy via live e-commerce features
🎲  Engage with them via gamification features
📊  Generate real time data & analytics to understand their behaviour

With Livescale, your Live Streaming Shopping experience is on your web site, but can also be embedded on multiple social accounts and web sites. Sign up below ⬇️  to tell you more!

Stand Out,
Sell Live.

Welcome to the revolution. Use our interactive demo below to experience the power of Livescale. Swipe from left to right in the product carrousel, complete a purchase with our integrated checkout, or send a message in the chat. To get started, click “join”.

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