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Maximise your Live Shopping sales: Essential Shopping time

90% of sales happen within the last 15 mins of the show. After the show, the peak of the traffic we see from the e-Commerce site goes from 20% to up to 60%! All these data tell us, you might miss 90% of your order because you didn’t give your viewers a chance to finalize their cart after they have enjoyed the live content.

In this article, we will teach you how you can put a “Shopping time” in your Live Shopping event to ensure your viewers can focus on finalizing their cart and secure the exclusive deal that your brand offers.

  1. A shopping window at the end
  2. Arrange a “What did you get” session on the agenda

A shopping window at the end

Prepare a video or an ending screen with call to actions just like how you would do it with any social media or marketing properties. Use it to replace your live video feed in the end of the show, it can give a clear message to the viewers that they can only secure the deals offers by the brand before the live finished.

You can also easily apply pressure mode to the browser and turn them into shopper by playing a countdown video to indicate how much time it left for them to grab the discount. Going for a more relaxing session? Make the last 15 minutes of the live event a chatting session that only dedicate for reading comments and allowing them to focus on checking out their cart!

A “What did you get” session

Make it fun! Take a decent amount of time to ask about the audience what have they got and clear their doubts if they are hesitating to checkout their carts! It is very important that you take the time to answer questions you see from the chat, as answering one question asked, might in fact solved 3 too shy to ask’s viewers doubts!

The whole Live Shopping event is fun for the viewer is because they get to shop together just like in real-life of in-store. Therefore, ask about their purchase is like pumping up the pleasure mode engine and make them want to be part of the community and hurry up to pay for their cart!

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