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Post-Live Shopping Event: Repurpose Your Live Video

Maximise your Live Shopping event’s value by repurposing your live videos. Brands can easily extend the event values and remove time constrains of a live event by distributing the video afterwards. Here is a simple guide on what you can do and how you can do it.

  1. Map out your distribution platforms
  2. Plan and multiply the value of your content
  3. Download your Live Shopping video
  4. Let the plan shines!

The distribution platforms

Laying out what marketing properties your brand owns is a good starting point. Each platform has specific functionalities that address different audiences, so the exercise here will be to do reverse engineering and work from the outside-in. Decide what channels you will leverage for post-live promotion before your Live Shopping events.

Multiply the content values

Social Media properties
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, anywhere!

  1. Edit the fun and wonderful moments from the events and do a recap to let your community know what they missed! (Make sure they tune in next time)
  2. Keep the highlights of the event and use them to demonstrate the experience when you are promoting your next Live Shopping event; educate before the event.
  3. Handpick a few clips that explain your product well and transform them into reels, IG TV, Facebook Video to enrich your content library at no extra cost.
  4. Keep the full replay on your YouTube channel or anywhere your community can always revisit if they missed the party.
Mailing List
  1. Utilize the clips in your next newsletter to add more authentic content!
  2. Send a recap of the event (including promos) to let your community know what they missed.
E-Commerce Site
  1. Use it as content to easily build a Live Shopping event landing page that contains all upcoming and previous events.
  2. Handpick a few clips that demonstrate your product well and put it as part of your product descriptions.

Download your Live Shopping video

Download your Live Shopping video. There are different ways of doing it, one of them is to download it from the Live Shopping solution. Just bear in mind to have this done before the window for download expires. You can then trim and package the video according to the plan above. This is how you can easily repurpose the live video and extend the Live Shopping event values!‘dx56 sxr

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