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7 Step: Live Shopping Event Testing Guide

Running a test for your Live Shopping event is essential. “A live streaming event cannot be prepared” is an unfortunately common misunderstanding! In this article, we will detail all items you can ensure will go smoothly before the event. The Benefits of running a test before the Live Shopping event, are exactly the reasons why a rehearsal are more important than it seems.

  1. Ensure a good experience for your viewers 
  2. Spot the potential issues and avoid common mistakes 
  3. Get yourself familiar with the control panel

Live Shopping Event Viewing Experience

1. Doing an internet speed test

This can help you to project and improve the internet speed for better video quality.  Launch Speedtest and tap on GO to run a speed test.

💬 Best practice: An upload speed of minimum 10Mbps for Larix and 30Mbps for OBS to ensure the quality of your stream is recommended. Streaming under 10Mbps is not recommended.



2. Check the video and audio feed quality

Click “Preview Event” to open the event test environment, it allows you to see what your viewers will see without going live.

Connect the video feed from streaming platforms such as Larix or OBS, check from the preview event link to make sure You can:

  • Hear the audio clearly
  • See everything planned within the video
  • The video connection is steady

3. Ensure the responsiveness experience on all devices

Ensure your website setting does not have conflict with the embed viewing.

When embedding the event to a website to create the seamless viewing experience for your viewers – It’s highly recommended to check the experiences on different devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop.

Product Display and Availability

4. Make sure inventories are up to date

You can easily avoid disappointing potential buyers by going to your e-Commerce store and double-check the product inventories are on the desired level.


Checkout and Sales

5. Test your event’s promo code(s)

You don’t want to risk finding out you have inserted the wrong code after the event is live! If you enabled the promo code for this event – Check and see if the code will work as expected prior to the event. Type in the code and see if the numbers add up.


6. Place a test order

Every e-Commerce store has multiple 3rd party Apps to gives buyers a smooth and completed checkout experience, though they might conflict with each other in some cases. Place a test order can help you to understand the exact flow your viewers will go through.

💬 TIP: For most of the e-commerce store, you can refund the transaction in the back office of the store.


Control Room Functionality

7. Do a dry run

Click and mimic the real event flow once to familiarise yourself with the control and buttons. Don’t forget to add in the rehearsal for the glitches moments. Walkthrough it once will help you easily find the correct button to click when the unexpected happens.


Even Better...

Now that you have finished your test, you can move forward and think ahead of how can you make the most of the event recording you can download after the event. You can remove the time constraints and extend greatly the value of a single event!

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