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Top 5 Streaming Softwares for Live Shopping

Content is king. – but how does this translate to Live Shopping? It means you need a powerful yet easy-to-operate way to stream the Live Shopping event. A software that allows you to create appealing visuals, remain the connection with the viewers and nail your event KPIs. 

Whether it’s your first time being a Live Shopping host or halfway to a pro Live Shopping streamer. You will be able to find the best streaming solution for your next event here. 

In this article you will learn about:

  1. Comparison
  2. Larix
  3. Livescale all-in-one Streaming App
  4. Streamyard
  5. Restram
  6. OBS

Solution comparison

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Livescale All-in-one streaming App


Switcher Studio












RTMP & QR code connection

RTMP connection

Event Chat Display



Larix is known for its easy configuration setup and it can stream directly from your smartphone. It is extremely easy to navigate and connect to the Livescale solution. 

📍 Available on Apple App store and,Google Play Store.

✨Winning features

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Simple configuration

Livescale All-in-one Streaming App

An intuitive and powerful streaming App by Livescale for hosts to stream and interact with viewers easily. The only solution out there that allows you to stream and see the chat as well as real-time analytics all in one place. The official native solution for your Live Shopping event with Livescale.


Are you streaming for your event from a smartphone? Are you Struggling with Larix? You should spare all your energy and thoughts in making the event content interesting and fun! And we are here to make it possible – Try our streaming App that allows hosts to connect to the assigned event seamlessly on this App and stream with one click and one click only!

📍 Available on Apple App store.
✨Winning features

  • In-app native event chat displays
  • no configuration needed for streams connection.


StreamYard makes live streaming easy, stable, and professional. It provides a stable and download-free approach, you can simply stream the event with your laptop from a browser. 

Streamyard also allows you to easily change the video layouts by their preset( as you can see under the video in the image above). You can personalize the background and choose the graphic overlays and video clips that fit your need during the event with one simple click.

📍 Web based solution, available in the browsers below or check updates here.

browser icons

✨Winning features


  • Download-free
  • In-App private chat
  • Simple link invite for multi-hosts
  • A simple video and graphic overlays operation
  • Simultaneously multi-streaming to Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. 

*Features above are available on their basic plan – $20/month.


Expand your reach and boost your views with restream. It not only allows you to stream easily to Livescale with an RTMP connection, but it can also stream to 30+ social media platforms simultaneously.

📍 Web-based solution, available in the browsers below or check updates here.

✨Winning features


  • Simple link invite for multi-hosts
  • A simple video and graphic overlays operation
  • Simultaneously multi-streaming to 30+ social media platforms.

*Features above are available on their Standard plan – $16/month.


Free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. OBS is the Live Shopping streaming solution for the pro. This is a very often used technology by professional production houses for live production because of the complex control it has over the video and scenes.

📍 Available on Window, macOS 10.13+ and Linux

✨Winning features

  • Advance setup with multi-camera sources – such as DSLR
  • Complex functionality on scenes building
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