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The 2 Main Drivers of Success for Live Shopping and KOS | Vol.16

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Live Shopping isn’t new: for years, it’s been an e-Commerce mainstay in Eastern countries, mainly China. Here’s what’s hot off the presses there, and as decoded by Livescale’s own experts, what it means for you.

The Headline

The 2 Main Drivers of Success for Live Shopping and KOS

The Details

There are two factors that contribute to the popularity of live shopping in China.

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Sarah Yam – Leading a full-service China-focused digital marketing agency, Sarah is the expert in all the successful formulas around Live Shopping and Chinese marketing.

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The Macro Factor

We all have limited options for face-to-face commerce and many of us are now looking online.


Unsurprisingly, people are social animals and crave the social aspects of the retail experience. The best, safe alternative to this is “live-streaming”. It allows you to see other shoppers as well as enjoying the entertainment presented from the KOS in the show. The KOS demonstrates the product, which is almost like watching a show that brings huge entertainment values in addition to the joy of shopping together.

What Makes It So Successful?

  1. It is what people need most during this isolated time.
  2. There are very few choices for a seller to stay connected with customers for commerce opportunities.
  3. Live Shopping is the closest experience to “normal” for buyers.

The Micro Factor

Chinese KOS is more than just a host. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before those record-breaking live shopping events.


What Makes It So Successful?

The preparation work including:

  1. Pre-announcement videos to build the traffic for the event
  2. The script for smooth and likeable sales pitch
  3. Screening and choosing products
  4. Setting a competitive price point
  5. Arranging your production team
  6. Rehearsal or dry run for technical and concept testing

It takes more than a day to reach the sales number of the top tier Chinese KOS. One top seller, Viya, has become a live shopping sensation. She already has years of experience in the retail and e-commerce sector with many ups and downs. 


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