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The Numbers Around Live Shopping in 2020

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Last year was a time of adjustment and embracing the “new normal,” where success was less about getting ahead and more about adapting to learn new skills. As a result, we saw many early adopters jump in to Live Shopping without a second thought, seeking ways to forge new, meaningful – and of course, fruitful – connections with customers.

The Numbers

Remember: When it comes to Western markets, 2020 was considered “year zero” for Live Shopping; a time to learn, retarget and adapt.

More than 600 events were done by a vast pool of client industries, with an average of 300 viewers per event. One popular accessories brand sold 282 items in less than an hour, scoring a 56% sales conversion rate, and another luxury skincare brand micro-targeted local communities, capitalizing on brand love for a record-topping sales total.

From lipstick to lobsters last year, one learning soared high above the analytics: Community, and how brands cultivated it over time, paid in spades. 

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The Takeaways

A lot of questions were asked.

Is Live Shopping an impulse marketing tool? Or, is Live Shopping instead best understood as an e-Commerce experience tool, especially for high-end brands? Not going to lie. We are all searching for the perfect formula that direct us to an event that generates great sales. Or at least, we are looking into how to get started in Live Shopping.


Well, we’ve made it, to this new normal that isn’t so new. To best prepare for more personalization and educational experiences we know customers want, let’s map out an action plan to reconnect and reactivate your core sales engine: a strong customer base.

Last year, we saw China claim their place in the Spanish market and brands start to bring Live Shopping to European consumers. This year, we can already begin to track best practices, consumer behaviour and unique differentiators from the Live Shopping frontier brands in North America. Both of these pools of data will, and have informed what will happen in 2021.

The Next Step

  1. Understand what makes people make a purchase during a live event
  2. Identify which type of host fits your Live Shopping Objectives. It’s important to ask: Can you find this type of host internally?
  3. Formula your golden product combination for your events with care
  4. Make it fun for your customers! Build the hype and traffic first, and sales will follow.

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